Tweeting hit and run driver convicted and fined by Magistrates

Kevin Poulter

Emma WayA driver who took to Twitter in May this year after hitting a cyclist with her car has been convicted and fined by Magistrates in Norwich. Emma Way tweeted that she “Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier. I have right of way – he doesn’t even pay road tax! #bloodycyclists”. Her tweet quickly spread on the social media site and brought the trainee accountant unwanted notoriety.

At the time, Way was suspended from her job and Magistrates heard that she was subsequently dismissed.

The court acquitted Way of driving without due care and attention but found her guilty of failing to stop after a collision and failing to report an accident. As a result, she was ordered to pay a £337 fine and a further £300 in costs. Seven penalty points were added to her driving license.

Way has since deleted her presence on Twitter. Speaking after the…

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Twitter’s IPO: a financial perspective on our emergent social-media world

Puella Ludens

twitterFor the past several decades, the stock market and the financial world seem to be increasingly abstracted from “the real world.” The epic housing bubble and economic downfall of the 2000’s are just a few obvious manifestations of this phenomenon. My rough understanding of how any valuation should work is based on my experience of everyday consumerism, paying for basic products whose cost is based roughly on the cost of production and a bit of added expense for the psychological value of an object based on brand and commercial image.

Obviously, the wild world of valuation on the stock market is a much different kind of enterprise. I was struck by this anew when considering Twitter’s IPO last week, and how this flurry of financial activity relates to our understanding or lack thereof about the “value” of social media.

I first became curious when I read that Twitter stock prices…

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Online Content Assignment Research

For my assignment I have been given a brief to create a blog post of 2000 words on either 3 recommendations, I have chosen to do my blog post on a recommendation on a blogging platform for a small catering/retail company.

First of all I will do research into local catering and retail companies to see how they use the internet to promote their company and anything else. I will then see which blogging websites work well with what they are trying to achieve and then decide which one is best for me.

Top tips to surviving a festival!

So, I managed to get tickets for Glastonbury 2014, which I am extremely excited for, especially hearing rumours of the line up which are David Bowie and more.

I’ve been to Leeds Fest for 4 years running now, and by now you’d think i’d learn from my mistakes of brining too much stuff, or too little, or no warm clothes…well I havent.

So, i’m going to give you a few tips on how to survive a festival:

1. Always bring a warm jacket, no matter the weather. It will ALWAYS be cold on a night/early morning. This also applies for a waterproof as it isn’t fun getting wet!

2. Bring a waterproof tent!! Last year, I made the mistake of going for looks rather than comfort. I bought a nice little flowery tent, little did I know my clothes would be swimming in water in a few days time..not fun!

3. Bring snacks, food is always expensive at festivals, in or out the arena, so pot noodles and easy things like that is an essential.

4. Aswell as the food being expensive, alcohol is also, so bring plenty but of course as it’s not fun running out on the last day, don’t forget the plastic bottles! With only being to Leeds, I was always made to put all liquid in plastic bottles as glass isn’t allowed and will get it taken off you. So always remember to pre mix your drink or put it all in plastic bottles!

5. Wellies is the most essential thing you could every bring, whether rain or shine you always need comfortable wellies! And along with wellies come plasters!! Blisters are an absolute nightmare having to walk about all day.

6. A camp chair may be needed if you are planning on sitting around your camp day/night, but always put it in your tent before you go to bed or go to various dance tents, as you will return with an empty camp, or with a giant puddle on your chair!

7. A bum bag, which has only just come back in fashion this year! But, having to carry a bag around while seeing different acts isn’t fun, also getting searched everytime you enter the arena isn’t fun either, so a bum bag or something very similar is a good idea!

Let me know if you have any other idea’s of surviving a festival!